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Fan thought himself a ‘Gardener’ (his zi, a sobriquet), and his life revolved around art education.

Kwok Kian Chow

Founding Director of the Singapore Art Museum and the National Art Gallery

Just passion to paint, not vying for riches or fame, rid of all vulgarities, with mind focused to paint…

Choy Weng Yang

Artist & Art Curator

Through his own paintings and the work of his students in Singapore, Fan’s important legacy lives on.

Low Sze Wee

Chief Executive Officer, Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre

Fan strived to convey the essence rather than the mere form of the subjects he painted.

Professor Heng Chye Kiang

Fang Chang Tien Disciple

A scholar in his own right, Fan was a prominent artist who excelled in the four art forms of poetry, calligraphy, painting and seal carving.

Professor Wu Yong Liang

China Academy of Art

The artistic journey of Fan Chang Tien is one that exemplifies passion and dedication to the tradition of Chinese painting.

Rosa Daniel

Chief Executive Officer, National Arts Council, Singapore

Mr Fan Chang Tien’s lasting legacy within the development of ink art in Singapore is a testament to his unwavering dedication to the traditional principles of Chinese ink

Chong Siak Ching

Chief Executive Officer, National Gallery Singapore

Fan’s versatility and virtuosity are equally borne out by his skills in poetry, calligraphy and seal carving.

Teo Han Wue

Independent Curator and Critic

The significance of Fan was in the fact that he brought the Shanghai-style painting out of China to Singapore.

He Hua

Fang Chang Tien Disciple

Fan Chang Tien had long been known to many in Singapore as one of the nation’s most important and respected artists.

Chen Guanglin

Artist & Art Curator

Fan Chang Tien lived abroad for a long time, but never forgot where he came from and where his roots were.

Han Bi Xing

Artist & Art Curator

Fan’s works are superior to those by other overseas artists of his time.

Professor Zhang Yuhuan

Capital Normal University, Beijing

Fan became philosophical about fame and fortune as shown in the seal he carved with the phrase “Not one who seeks fame and fortune”.

Chow Yian Ping

Editor of “thINKChina”, an e-magazine of the Singapore Press Holding, Former curator at the Singapore Art Museum.



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Asia Art Collective is an art advisory and consultancy specialised in Singaporean and Asian modern and contemporary art. Professional art services include providing clients with art advice on artwork purchase and sale, artwork valuation and assessment, art acquisition and collection planning, art sale and brokerage, as well as art commissioning and artwork sourcing. Asia Art Collective seeks to promote a culture of art appreciation and art acquisition and collection for Singapore art, and modern and contemporary Asian art through its diverse and rotating art exhibitions and art appreciation programmes, courses and talks. Enquire with Asia Art Collective for advice and support on your art-collecting journey.

亚洲艺汇有限公司(Asia Art Collective Pte Ltd )是新加坡专业的艺术品咨询顾问公司,公司的服务是为艺术收藏提供指导,制定策划购买艺术品方向,帮助藏家评估、分析艺术品市场价位、未来的市场走势。在选择艺术品方面,即要帮助藏家找到自己酷爱心怡的作品,同时也把艺术品列为藏家资产扩充的规划中,并且负责跟踪艺术品的买与卖。同时也提供新加坡艺术品量身定制服务

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