Ong Kim Seng 王金成

Ong Kim Seng was born in Singapore in 1945. He is a renowned watercolour artist, and holds the record for being the first and only Singaporean to have won six awards from the American Watercolour Society.

As a self-taught artist known for his realistic landscapes, the collectors of his work include Queen Elizabeth II of England, the Prime Minister of the People’s Republic Of China, the Secretary-General of the United Nations, President of the Republic of Korea, Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Thailand, the President of the Republic of the Philippines; the Prime Minister of Japan, the Prime Minister of India; the Governor of Hokkaido; Singapore Arts Museum; Singapore, Maritime Museum, the Agung Rai Museum and Neka Museum in Bali, Indonesia; and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs headquarters, Foreign Missions and Embassies of the Republic of Singapore.

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