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Commemorating Liu Kang – An Exhibition of his Paintings and Calligraphy


The onset of COVID-19 pandemic in 2019 caused an unprecedented impact on the local art market, shutting down and postponing exhibitions, auctions, art fairs and various art programmes and activities. For many Singaporean artists, the slowing down of the art market had a direct impact on their livelihood. All art exhibitions and events had been discontinued, postponed or moved online. This is also the case for Asia Art Collective. A full lineup of gallery events and exhibitions had been postponed for almost two years. 


As of 26 April 2022, with the eased community safe management measures, art galleries may now reignite the good ol’ days of art exhibitions and opening nights, where art collectors and artists come together to mingle and appreciate the art showcase presented.


From 1 June to 15 June 2022, Asia Art Collective is proud to present Commemorating Liu Kang – A Collection of his Paintings and Calligraphy together with the inauguration of our new art gallery at 0304, AZ @ Paya Lebar. A fine selection of forty artworks by Liu Kang will be presented. These artworks belong to the shared collection from the artist’s family and friends and include a diverse range of mediums – oil painting, pastel, Chinese ink painting and calligraphy.  



Liu Kang is recognised as one of Singapore’s most influential pioneering first-generation artists. He is best known for his contributions to the Nanyang painting style, which he developed together with his contemporaries – Chen Wen Hsi, Cheong Soo Pieng and Chen Chong Swee after a field trip to Bali in 1952. Many arts scholars have identified the Bali trip as a milestone event contributing to the birth of the Nanyang art style, marking an important juncture in Singapore’s art history. 



Liu Kang had also greatly contributed to the development of art in Singapore. He was a leading figure in the Society of Chinese Artists and the Singapore Art Society, and received the Public Service Star award in 1970, and the Meritorious Service medal in 1996. 


In this exhibition, there will be more than twenty pieces of Liu Kang’s Chinese ink paintings and Calligraphy works showcased.  


A lesser known fact about Liu Kang is that he is a prolific calligraphy and Chinese ink artist. The exhibition at Asia Art Collective’s new gallery will display his calligraphy and Chinese ink painting works as well. 




We hope that this exhibition will allow the public to appreciate not only the art scene in Singapore but also our pioneer artist Liu Kang’s beautiful works.


在各行各业复苏之际,Asia art collective 将于6月1日在视觉艺术中心麦波申展览厅举办《纪念刘抗诞辰111周年——刘抗书画遗作展》,这个展览也是视觉艺术中心新的展厅第一次活动,也是疫情过后的第一个展览。将展出刘抗的油画、水墨、粉彩、书法40幅。






记得2013年,我们Asia art collective画廊刚刚运营时,我们第一个画展就是“新加坡第一代艺术先驱画展”展出了钟四滨、陈文希、陈宗瑞、刘抗南洋四大画家遗作精品。如今又有机会和藏家合作,展出刘抗遗作,这次展出作品以刘抗书法作品为主,多数藏家熟悉刘抗的油画作品,刘抗水墨和书法作品并不多见,刘抗生前是勤奋专研的画家,他的油画、水墨、书法都功力雄厚,凭着刘抗的艺术造诣和对新加坡艺术的贡献,他被尊为新加坡“画坛泰斗”,真是当之无愧,刘抗的作品值得艺术爱好者欣赏学习、值得藏家收藏。



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